Africa Wide Virtual Conference 2022

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Mr. Ahmed Sanda

Prof. George Gbele

Prof. Ijeoma Vincent-Apku

Marian from South Africa

Abu from South Africa


The conference was held virtually on the 9th of March, 2022.  It’s started with an introduction. Abu gave the background of the conference; she said that they are just waiting to hear the next steps for the virtual conference on IAIAsa climate change symposium that is going to hold in cape town in September, Marian is part of the technical program lead, and the purpose of this conference is to set alignment on the topics to be discussed on the conference.

Mr. Ahmed Sanda; gave his background of the conference; saying that they have planned and thinking at the same time, but different from yours, with a concept note sent to IAIA and some adjustment, was done and was asked to go ahead with the conference. Then after getting in touch with Abu, and the conference to hold in Cape Town in a big hall, it will be exciting for the AEIAN to collaborate with IAIAsa in the conference and the purpose of this one day Africa virtual conference is to generate enough ways to educate environmental journalist to talk about climate change in the way it will benefit the African Society and Africa Institution.

He continued by saying; because South Africa has gotten their endorsement we are happy for that. This will set a pace and it won’t be something like repetition, and he asked if July is okay? They all agreed that the conference should be in July before South Africa’s in September.  And he also asked to discuss the modality in terms of the moderator with a question asking if it is okay to have one from South Africa and one from Nigeria? Abu answered by asking the Pattern Time of the event and how many hours it will hold? Mr. Sanda asked Prof. George Gbele’s opinion, and he said that; the two moderators from different countries are okay, but he is not so certain about the time system of the conference.  Mr. Sanda, introduced the Devil’s Advocate, can we do a short time and have two sessions, he asked? The was a deliberation for that question for about 5 minutes, and it was concluded to have the conference for straight ninth (90) minutes, with the right speakers to speak for 8 minutes.

Mr. Sanda, continued by asking Abu if South Africa will give his full support to AEIAN in holding its conference next year September, Just like the one South Africa will be holding this September 2022? And he added by saying, the 90 minutes conference will be an advocate to the conference next year and per half to be held every year across Africa and a proposer will summit, and Abu answered Yes it will be cool to support AEIAN.


They were 18 minutes of deliberation on the topics, opinions, suggestions, and clarification on the topics presented. It was finally concluded that the topics should be recomposed and grouped in three (3) and then look for 3 speakers who will speak on them. Prof. Ijeoma suggested having speakers from different countries. And Abu replied to look for a speaker to speak on any topics.

Prof. Ijeoma said the next discussion is the date In July, and then look for speakers and then design the program.

Close with Thanks.

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