The Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN) is the umbrella body of Impact Assessment Practitioners in Nigeria and also the affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). Formerly known as IAIA-Nigeria, the association Promote the conduct and practice of environmental and social impact assessment in Nigeria. It was registered and incorporated as a non-profit organization in Nigeria, on 27 September 2010.

AEIAN seeks to bring together all professionals, experts, advocates, academics, students, civil servants, policymakers, etc working in the environmental and social impact assessment fields in Nigeria. to deepen the discourse on the environment and sustainable development.


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Regional symposia are organized to make information exchange and networking opportunities available, as well as to focus attention to specific issues. Other events, such as roundtables and meetings, also take place periodically.


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Our Vision

To set pace for other countries to follow in impact assessment , inclusivity as necessary tools for decision making.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for the development and sharing of knowledge, innovation and best practices towards the effective implementation of sustainable development policies and programmes in Nigeria.

Our Partners

AEIAN is an Affiliate of IAIA


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